The death of the ‘IT Bag’ means I may finally be able to afford one…

Thanks to Oxfam. Pray tell you say?

Well, if reports are true, luxury bag sales will soon be slowing (Mintel recently forecast an 18 per cent fall in handbag sales, which has been the fastest-growing accessories sector of recent years). People are like soooo over them. When I say people, I of course do not include myself in this generalisation. Because the only people that are actually over them are the people who can afford them. Rich bastardos!

Which is wear Oxfam comes in. You see they are having a ‘handbag bonanza’ (read on-line sale). It starts at 12noon on the 6th June and ends on the 8th of June. If rumours are to be believed there are over 400 second-hand handbags for sale with prices starting at £5.99. Now of course, there are bound to be some well dodge pieces that need treating with the same caution you would a landmine (this is charity, after all), BUT I have been assured that designer labels such as Mulberry and top end brands like Russell & Bromley and Knomo are also included.

Intrigued? I know I am. Only time will tell if it going to live up to my massively over-inflated expectations (come on Prada, cooommmmmeeeeee on Prada. If there is a Prada bag in the ‘bonanza’ and I can afford it, I swear a little bit of wee might come out!).

In the mean time, if you need something to keep you out of fashion mischief, Oxfam launch their new on-line store tomorrow (28th May). It will have over 75,000 items (YES, 75,000!) in stock, which not only includes ‘vintage’ but items from the boutique collection. So, with a few clicks you can help tackle world poverty and global warming. It’s EBAY meets Oprah! Pure frickin genius.



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